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Shelter - Sarah Franklin SIGNED COPY

Shelter - Sarah Franklin SIGNED COPY

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A beautiful, unique and deeply engrossing novel about finding solace in the most troubled of times, about love, hope and renewal after devastation.
1944. Connie Granger must leave Coventry after her family home is blitzed, she must learn to survive alone, hiding a huge secret. She finds work with the Women's Timber Corps in the Forest of Dean and soon starts to work as a lumberjill.  It’s here that she meets Italian P.O.W., Seppe, who is haunted by his past. But in the forest camp, he finds a strange kind of freedom.
Their meeting signals new beginnings. In each other they find the means to imagine their own lives anew, and to face that which each fears the most. But then Connie’s secret is revealed and she must decide whether to stay or run - and who to leave behind.
‘A tender and illuminating novel, written with warmth and eloquence.’ Carys Bray

Signed and dedicated copies will be done at the event on 5th October and sent out on the following day.

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